spotted on the steps of the met… an s. and b. power struggle. did s. think she could waltz home and things would be just like they were? did b. think s. would go down without a fight? or can these two hotties work it out? there’s nothing gossip girl likes more than a good catfight and this could be a classic.

Anonymous: "I dare you to try and break the whole ob fandoms heart in one sentence."



Steven Moffat has taken over as head writer.

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Your first impression of me? (Anonymous or not)

"This is what’s different: Now, I’m not getting any negativity. In fact, teenage boys come up to me on the street and want to get their pictures taken with me, want to give me a hug, tell me that Big Boo’s their favorite character. That means a lot to me. Because I’m winning the hearts and minds of people that are young and are going to grow up and control the world.” - Lea DeLaria


Peyton Sawyer Appreciation Week » day 7: free choice

Initially, the character was not well received. She came off as too angry and bitchy to some viewers. “At first, the audience rejected her character because, well, she was mean to our hero (Lucas),” said Schwann. “And she’s pretty and popular.” Burton stated, “She was catching a lot of flack. [People were saying], ‘Oh, she’s this cheerleader. She’s like, you know, this cute little girl. She wants to be all hard and angry.’”

"Jen and I used to get confused for each other, when we first started out in the business, and she was brunette and I had long hair. And we were confused for each other to the extent that we separately, having not made this agreement before we met, jokingly did interviews as each other on red carpets and signed each others headshots and things because we both, you know, were supportive of each others work and thought it’d be funny and were tired of trying to explain to people that we were two separate actresses.”


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